Entertainment for Kids: Muchokids Releases Debut Book

Entertainment for kids that promotes diversity and unity through fantasy and adventure stories, games and original content for kids.

A new Type of Entertainment for Kids!

Muchokids features characters from all over the globe working together as one to overcome adversity. The creators’ aim is to showcase positive, unifying world messages through imaginative original stories for kids of all ages.

Galaxia’s “Muchokids” number in the hundreds; a collective of diverse characters from every region of Earth, hand-picked by our alien heroine to battle against evil. Each of the Muchokids—a boy and girl pair from every Earth territory—wield unique magic superpowers Galaxia granted them through enchanted stones created by The Book of Azbel.

It’s of the utmost importance that Earth has the Muchokids on our side—the very survival of our planet depends on it!

Sci-Fi and Adventure Original Content

Muchokids was born from the mind of Laura Chavez, a global citizen. Laura has lived in several countries and has visited many more. She has been inspired by sights, sounds and people all over Earth.

Laura’s earliest life goal was to conceive a sci-fi book series, as these were her favorite types of books.  Throughout her travels, Laura saw Earth as being a place of kids and adults of different backgrounds getting along and helping each other. Laura decided it was of great importance to spread her positive worldview, especially to children. She wanted to do this by creating something fun for kids, something they would enjoy. While attending London Business School earning her MBA, Laura’s wide-ranging interests inspired her to begin sketching diverse kid characters and fantasy art—the foundations of what would become “Muchokids,” her global brand.


Chavez teamed with writer Clark Watts to bring her optimistic, sci-fi/fantasy entertainment for kids series to reality. Galaxia and Her Quest to Save the Universe Chapter 1: #TheBeginning is available in two formats to reach as wide an audience as possible: a text version for children ages 8+ and a picture book for younger readers. Both versions, each with unique story elements, are available to read for free on the Muchokids website. The older readers’ text version can also be bought as a digital download for Kindle or in paperback from Amazon. On July 1st, the picture book will be available in the same options.

Stay tuned at www.muchokids.com and on Muchokids social media: @Muchokids on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook… #TheBeginning is only just that—a start for a brand that aims to entertain with positivity and open-mindedness. Muchokids spans four upcoming branded book series and will soon be a multimedia experience, complete entertainment for kids, with picture books, videobooks, games, merchandise and an app coming soon!

Parents can read more about the brand on the Parent Zone part of the muchokids website. 

Welcome to a new type of entertainment for kids, with original stories, sci-fi and adventure stories– Muchokids World!

Galaxia and Her Quest to Save the Universe Chapter 1: #TheBeginning—the first Muchokids book, serves as an introduction to the brand and is now available on Amazon.

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